Aloe Cure Review

September 21st, 2009 by admin | Posted under acid reflux syndrome products.

Low Price

No Side Effects


Is Aloe Cure a Scam?

No complaints are found on consumer complaints websites, and no complaints are found in various web forums.


-Almost all of the consumer opinions expressed in forums etc. have been great for this product.  Apparently many people have found AloeCure to be effective in eliminating various digestive ailments including acid reflux.

-Made of natural ingredients, has no known side effects, and calms stomach acid by balancing the pH level in the stomach.

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None Noted

Side Effects of Aloe Cure:

None Noted, but you’re encouraged to ask your doctor about AloeCure before taking it.

Customer Feedback / Comments:

“I heard about aloecure and have been taking it for 3 days- so far it has helped “smooth out” the acid in my stomach” — Actual Consumer Feedback from HealingWell[dot]com

“This product truly works. I was having chest pain (heart attack like). The doctor said it was acid reflux…I found AloeCure. It works so well, I don’t always have reflux issues. Also, aloe juice doesn’t just help the stomach, it also helps with other digestive issues according to natural healing.” — Actual Consumer Feedback from Amazon[dot]com

“My husband used to have bad acid reflux and acid indigestion. This product eliminated it. I try to incourage him to eat better foods but until he does, this product will keep his stomach from paying the price!” — Actual Consumer Feedback from Amazon[dot]com

“Good product that works better than Dr prescribed medicines. My wife tried many prescription and OTC medicines that didn’t help much and had secondary effects. Then she tried Aloe Cure and it helped a lot with her problem without causing any additional problems.” — Actual Consumer Feedback from Amazon[dot]com

“I take aloe vera juice after taking my osteoporosis medication as that gives me heartburn, which the aloe vera juice prevents. I found a product online called AloeCure and they are located at…I have found this product helpful.” — Actual Consumer Feedback from IBSGroup[dot]org

“I suffer from heartburn and have tried everything and am always searching for new products. I just tried AloeCure and it has done miracles. You guys should check it out…my heartburn fades in maximum of 20 minutes.” — Actual Consumer Feedback from RevolutionHealth[dot]com

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Merchant / Manufacturer:

American Global Health Group, at AloeCureTrial[dot]com


None Noted

Customer Support:

Phone, Email, Postal Mail

Visit the Aloe Cure Website

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